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The world super large exhibition venue / Shenzhen World

Shenzhen enjoys a reputation as one of the key hubs of the convention and exhibition industry in China, and its total exhibition area and hall occupancy rate rank among the top in China each year.

Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Centre (Shenzhen World) is a landmark building in the Greater Bay Area.

As a large-scale comprehensive complex for exhibitions, conferences, performances, games and catering businesses, Shenzhen World provides its customers with an international arena with unlimited business opportunities. With a total floor area of 1.6million m', Phase of the project delivers an indoor exhibition area of 400,000 m. The masterpiece will reach 500,000 m once Phase II is complete, becoming the largest venue in the world.

Shenzhen World include 19 indoor exhibition halls and 1 outdoor. The indoor hall consists of 16 standard exhibition halls, a super-large of 50,000 m' (which can hold large-scale conferences, sports events and cultural activities), and two multifunctional. It is designed with a 1.75 km long central corridor that connects the symmetrically arranged Exhibition Halls, Conference Centre, Event Centre and Specialty Halls.

The conference and meeting space cover an area of ​​more than 34,000m' , offers over 150 meeting and VIP rooms distributed across the venue, All rooms are equipped with sophisticated facilities and have flexible layouts.

So how does the Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Centre operate?

Shenzhen World adheres to promotes green exhibitions. It has applied 52 world-leading green architecture technologies in total. Aiming to create a world-class green exhibitions hall with the most energy-saving, water-saving, material-saving, and low-carbon.

The Shenzhen World has an advanced and professional hanging system that will satisfy the diverse exhibition needs of exhibitors. Its load-bearing capacity is far ahead of other large venues, and is the highest standard in the exhibition industry.

The partner ASM Global is the world's leading venue management and services company. Shenzhen World will implement international standards, striving to build the venue into a first-class exhibition and event centre.

In addition, Smart Venue Shenzhen World is working with Huawei and China Telecom to build an efficient and intelligent digital service platform. The integration of big data, AII, mobile payment, 5G and other latest technologies will deliver smart operations, management services and facilities.

Shenzhen World will improve operational efficiencies, enhance the user experience and help drive business innovation.


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