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@ Cosmofarma 2022 – Bologna, Italy

Written by Divya Vibin @studiostandLTD

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Cosmofarma 2022 Exhibition, the pharmacy world’s main European event for the Health and Beauty Care sectors, as well as all pharmacy-related services, took place at Fiera Bologna from the 13th to the 15th of May 2022. Cosmofarma is dubbed “The Leading International Pharmacy Industry Show” and has the largest gathering from around the globe. The event's objectives were to show a compact system that helps exhibitors, audiences, and established industrialists to improve personally and professionally.

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Cosmofarma 2022 is the 25th Edition of the premier trade fair dedicated to well-being and health held every year. More than 27,500 people attended this prestigious expo, which featured more than 400 exhibitors – this count is increasing exponentially year after year.

Organizers observed significant levels of participation during the show days, indicating that the industry has begun to resume and recover. The large number of attendees recorded at the end of the edition also indicated such a shift: 1,150 exhibitors and around 50,000 trade visitors chose to attend in person. The large number of attendees demonstrates the importance of personal interactions in conducting business in the sector. They also outperformed the organisers' expectations.

The event primarily promoted the role of industries in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical goods while also provided a platform to display the most recent inventions. Overall, the Cosmofarma Exhibition 2022 was a fun and participatory event that was a huge success.

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What are the outcomes of CosmoFarma 2022?

Cosmofarma 2022 featured a diverse schedule of practical demonstrations, discussions, and special shows. The Cosmetic Summit, a platform for the latest developments in dermatology and pharmacy, will be the centrepiece of the side program. The expo featured top-of-the-line products and services in the following four sections on the main floor:

  1. Pharmaceutical, Para pharmaceutical, Health Care

  2. Dermo cosmetics

  3. Natural Products, Nutrition, Dieting

  4. Pharmacy Services

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More than 512 exhibitors participated at Cosmofarma 2022 and each of them displayed the best range of medical products. In this exhibition, there were appointments with national and international exhibitors Beauty products, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical products, Hygiene, beauty, other trade shows in beauty. The event promoted the use of industries to make and produce all pharmaceutical items. Homeopathic pharmaceuticals, body care goods, hygiene products, hand and foot care products, oral hygiene products, natural cosmetics, nail care products, natural products and supplements, dietary products and supplements and nutrition, and other products were on display at this event. The exhibited range is manufactured by using herbal supplements so that the applicants do not come across any side effects caused by the harmful chemicals. There were hair care oils, skin ointments, hair care supplements, hair rejuvenation tonic, anti-ageing creams, hair regeneration oil, skin friendly lotions and other beauty and health products.

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