Worldwide economy is suffering a forced slowdown due to the pandemic caused by Covid-19. This crisis is different from those of the last years: it is much more pervasive, it affects the entire planet and sectors. Postponements and cancellations of trade fairs are having dramatic effects for exhibition companies and the trade fair industry around the world. The backbone of the trade fair sector are micro and small businesses and the lack of commercial activities is putting them at immediate risk of bankruptcy. UK Government established special supports and benefits for workers and businesses during the crisis like income subsidies, loan guarantees for business, business rates, cash grants and

Do we stay in the physical world or we move to the digital one?

In these hard times event industry is facing a complicated challenge that no one would have anticipated, that’s why companies are responding to it with different approaches. The majority of organizations were forced to postpone or even cancel the scheduled events within a few days. For this reason, it is essential to reinvent our industry and find alternatives that can adequately replace the physical event and generate the least possible loss. In a moment of travel restrictions and isolation, physical events are off-limits but the digital world can offer you opportunities to reduce the impact of this crisis for your business and not losing your audience. There is still some general diffidenc

The increasing demand of venues with more impact!

Usually event planners and exhibitors focus on the organisation of a pleasant experience for the visitors and on the creation of the most attractive booth able to reflect their brand image, but they consider the venue as an empty and unimaginative space to fill. Simon Hunter, head of venue and development, Chelsea FC, reveals that unique venues are gaining importance as differentiating factor for an event’s success. If you need a particular location you are spoilt of choice because UK is rich of historical, fascinating and avant-garde venues. Maybe you don’t know but the first modern public exhibition took place in London during 1756 and was sponsored by Royal Society of Arts, Manufactures

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