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The increasing demand of venues with more impact!

Usually event planners and exhibitors focus on the organisation of a pleasant experience for the visitors and on the creation of the most attractive booth able to reflect their brand image, but they consider the venue as an empty and unimaginative space to fill. Simon Hunter, head of venue and development, Chelsea FC, reveals that unique venues are gaining importance as differentiating factor for an event’s success.

If you need a particular location you are spoilt of choice because UK is rich of historical, fascinating and avant-garde venues. Maybe you don’t know but the first modern public exhibition took place in London during 1756 and was sponsored by Royal Society of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce.

Royal Society of Arts, London

Today RSA House, home to the Royal Society in Central London, is a building that combines Georgian grandeur with high quality contemporary design to provide a flexible space that can cater for any event, especially conferences.

RSA House, London

In addition to this location, Hirespace has recommended other two venues with historical links in London: “the Brewery” and “h Club”.

The Brewery was the building of Whitbread’s 18th Century beer-making empire. With over 250 years of history beyond it, this venue is a space that excite and inspire you through special elements such as exposed beams, vaulted ceilings and Georgian windows, that will make your event unforgettable.

The Brewery, London

h Club in Covent garden is a fashionable and creative venues for meetings, conferences and parties that offers a perfect match between innovation and culture.

h Club, Covent Garden, London

Apart from these sites with the charm of yesteryear, London may surprise you with more avant-garde venues.

Let’s see some amazing examples:

The London Film Museum can host up to 400 attendees for exclusive events, especially for media industry gatherings, where guests are surrounded by some of the most iconic vehicles in movie history.

The London Film Museum

Printworks was the home to the largest printing factory in Western Europe and the original printer machines are still there to give the space that extra touch. Today is a famous music venue that can be easily converted in a business conference space. It is attractive for trendy audiences like Millennial tech startups and innovative brands.

Printworks only opened in 2016 but is already a firm fixture of London's clubbing scene

Events’ organizers should know the location plays a fundamental role in the planning and management of a particular event. The venue is the starting point because it is the place that must be able to host the event and all the entities involved.

That's why choosing the place is a rather complex action. It must take into account the type of event and the objectives it wants to achieve in order to guarantee the best result in terms of costs and benefits.

You can organize the most beautiful event of the year, serve the best food, but if the venue is not up to the situation, you risk ruining all the work done.

For these reasons if you want to create a remarkable event you have to impress in your mind the words of Eppie Shepherd, senior marketing executive at Banks Sadler: “If you want to create an occasion that inspires your attendees, engages them in your event and sells them on what you have to offer, you need to think beyond the traditional. Modern London audiences want to be wowed; they want to be impressed”.


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