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UFI - The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry

Written by Divya Vibin @studiostandLTD

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What is UFI?

In conformity with the French law on organizations, UFI was founded as an international non-political association in Milan, Italy, on 15 April 1925, by 20 leading European international trade fairs. Initially known as "Union des Foires Internationales" (UFI), or "Union of International Fairs" in English, UFI is now known with a tagline ahead “The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry” because of its development from an organization representing European interests to one representing those of the global exhibition industry.

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Organizations (businesses, associations, federations, etc.) are represented as Full Members or Associate Members of UFI. UFI only accepts a specific number of exhibits and trade shows that are organized by its member organizers after using stringent selection criteria.

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What is the importance of being an UFI member?

The exhibition industry's competence and professionalism are clearly demonstrated by membership in UFI. Access to a range of industry information, educational programme, and networking opportunities is available to UFI members. The major objectives of UFI are to represent, advocate, and assist the commercial interests of its members and the exhibition sector. The UFI PIN code (i.e., PROMOTE-INFORM-NETWORK) is the secret to success for UFI members.

Currently, there are 812 member organizations registered as members, spread across 84 different nations and regions. The UFI certified label, a mark of quality for both attendees and exhibitors, is proudly displayed on more than 914 UFI approved (International) events. To create great face-to-face business possibilities, UFI members continue to provide the global business community a distinctive marketing medium.

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UFI Awards 2022

The 2022 UFI Awards have been introduced by UFI, the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, with the aim of recognizing and honoring industry-wide best practices and outstanding initiatives. The organizers of exhibitions, managers of venues, and suppliers of services are all eligible for this distinguished award programme, which has been recognized on a global scale for more than ten years.

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Latest Press messages of UFI

The exhibition industry's international trade group, UFI, has played a crucial role in supporting the sector during pandemic. A strategic new partnership between MAD Event Management LLC and UFI, The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, has been announced with the aim of strengthening ties between the North American exhibition industry and the international exhibition industry and expanding UFI's membership base in North America. With this context, its announced that The UFI Global Congress will take place in Las Vegas in November 2023.

At European Union level, EMECA (European Major Exhibition Centres Association) and UFI have formed the European Exhibition Industry Alliance (EEIA). The European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) has recently signed collaboration agreements with EMECA and UFI. Through this collaboration, members of EMECA and UFI will get a better understanding of how IP can benefit businesses and how to assist exhibitors in safeguarding their IP and avoiding counterfeiting when presenting their goods at trade shows. In support of this, the EUIPO will provide knowledge through training, webinars, and other cooperative activities.

Upcoming Events of UFI

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