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Written by Divya Vibin

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LinkedIn is the central hub in social media for professionals and businesses to network and market their brand, expertise, and skills to their target audience. As an individual, LinkedIn should be utilized as a platform to establish a profile and appear on top search results for your name as well as build a broad network of professional and discover new business opportunities. A LinkedIn company profile, on the other hand, is a space to provide more information about the internal organization like the products, services, job opportunities, inter connection of employees and to share expert insights. Research by LinkedIn has revealed that only 100-200 followers are required for a company to start leveraging traffic and driving engagement by ensuring that both the company profile and personal profile are fully optimized.

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In this discussion, the readers will understand the key strategies to follow in LinkedIn to boost their business toward online audiences through linked personal and company profiles.


Both your personal profile and company profile sections in LinkedIn should be fully filled with appropriate usage of keywords and useful content that your target audience intend to look into. Either page might be the first port of call for a potential client, so always make sure to put the best first impression on clients. So, make sure all sections in profile section are completed and optimized.

Fill out the following sections in personal LinkedIn profile:

  • Profile Headline Section: Give a clear, concise and unique describing who you are as an individual. In short, craft a headline to match who you are as an individual.

  • Personal Photo: Add a recent photo to humanize it your presence. Keep it smart, presentable, real, and latest one. This will ensure that you are recognizable by your LinkedIn connections face-to-face.

  • Banner Image: Use this space to showcase your personal brand personality. Include call to action

  • About Section: Provide a detailed overview about who you are, what can you offer and what makes you unique and desirable to prospective connections Also input keywords to get reflected in the search terms.

  • Experience Section: Expand upon your current and past roles and responsibilities and achievements in the experience section. Include relevant keywords to aid the chances of appearing higher in LinkedIn’s Search results.

  • Accomplishments: Add all relevant projects, languages, publications, awards, certifications and volunteering carried out. It’s always recommended to fill this section to get noticed both in terms of business terms and individual.

  • Optimize your location: If a prospect in LinkedIn is finding individual from a particular are, and you belong to the same locality, then there is greater chance of you appearing in their search results if they are searching with respect to location. So its recommended to update your location.

For Company Profile:

  • Overview Tab: This is the landing tab for the company page to include logo and banner image. Include call to action in banner.

  • About Us Section: Write a high-level overview of the business that showcases the brand and tells people what makes your business unique. It is the right place to spread message and open up avenues of conversation with potential partners.

  • Specialties Section: Enter relevant keywords about your company to be found on search results frequently.

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Common Tips to follow:

  • With a Quick glance in personal profile, visitors will know what you’ve done from past till present, can learn about you and determine whether you are the right person to connect with.

  • Add Rich Visual content like images, videos, infographics and even SlideShare presentations to showcase your achievements, clients or brands. For example, popular blog pots, screenshots of customer testimonials, or a video of impressive speech delivered in any conferences.

  • Try to use short paragraphs and bullet-pointed lists to make it easier to follow. For bullet points, start sentences with verbs

  • Another quick tip is to update the headline every couple of months to help boost views within search and increase the search term results.

  • The keywords used should be a mix – from broad terms to those that are specific.

  • Re-order job positions by importance rather than in chronological order. It should be based on potential connections you intend to gain.

  • Whenever you gain new skills and expertise, add them to the skills section in LinkedIn profile.


Promote Company through Employee Profiles

Getting all employees on board with LinkedIn is crucial to its success, as it helps to create an extended network that amplifies company’s positioning and influence in site. Encourage employees to create an optimized LinkedIn account and list their current employer.

Follow other Companies

Following other key companies that deliver similar services or are doing well in LinkedIn, will help to understand their strategy and inspire to implement some unique steps as them.

Use Advanced Search to find Prospects and Earn trust

LinkedIn’s Advanced Search function is a great way to target the right audience by filtering the results in terms of relationship, industry, location, past companies, etc. Connect with them by providing a compelling authentic message. It’s a good way to make a good impression and increase chances to develop relationship. Depending on the reasons of connection message at first place and your overall goals, your follow-up strategy will differ. It’s always recommended to get to know your prospect first, then offering a free quote, PDF, or other valuable resources.

Accept relevant and quality invites

Accept invitations from reputable and relevant profiles and grow your quality network, in tum creating more opportunities down the line. A good rule of thumb is to review each invitation request received and make sure that the that profile is completed and have a genuine photo.

Recommend and Endorse others

The more you give on LinkedIn, the more you will get back later on. Recommending and endorsing your competitors, colleagues, and others, will help to appear in the LinkedIn news fee for your network which means more visibility for you and your brand.

Drive traffic with value added updates and images

Focus on providing interesting and value-added updates on LinkedIn Feeds. The shared updates on Company Page are displayed prominently on the main Home tab and include a nice big space for images. So, make them compelling and authentic.

Be visible, valuable and timely

Once LinkedIn account have developed a good connection, then it’s necessary to maintain the reputation. To do this, remain consistently visible, valuable, and timely in all areas of LinkedIn. Your most recent activity will appear near the top of your profile.

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What to Post?

LinkedIn users are looking for unique kind of posts. Research from social network shows that 60% of users are interested in industry insights, over half are interested in company news, and more than one in four are interested about new products and services. Its important to being authentic and vulnerable to resonate with your readers and drive engagement. Some good practices will be like try putting links in the first comment instead of yeh status update, reply to every comment to increase reach, comment on other’s post to increase visibility, first sentence of any longer form content should be eye catchy and attention seeker so that viewers spent 2min/3min read section. Also, utilize the LinkedIn publishing platform to publish blog posts and articles to build credibility and strengthen positioning on site.

Monitor and Tweak Performance

In order to gain clear insight into the performance of content in LinkedIn, track Content Marketing score to measure reach and engagement with company pages, LinkedIn groups, employee updates, sponsored updates and more. It also provides a single score ranked against your competitor and recommendations on how to improve further.


The key to remember when advertising on LinkedIn will be targeting ads to professional audiences. B2B business like exhibition industry and event providers will likely have the best results on the platforms. They provide immense value for businesses if utilized properly. There are mainly 3 types of Ads namely Sponsored content, Sponsored InMail and Text ads used to promote various types of content. Ads account is organized by campaigns. Each campaigns have its own daily budget, targeting options, and ads. LinkedIn recommends that you create at least 3 ad variations, varying the ad text, calls to action and images each time. You can create 15 different ads within a campaign which will help to see which ads performs best.



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