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How NEUROMARKETING will change your experience at exhibitions?

We have a very strong focus on our mission and this is why we want to create “the space that fits you”.

We have a long expertise in the realization of booths able to reflect the brand image of our clients, but how it can be the most attractive at the event you will attend?

Latest studies of the Neuroscience applications on marketing can inspire us to make our work more effective.

Let’s see these innovations more in details:

GRS Research and Strategy, a leading international company for research and studies in the exhibition sector, has developed the first worldwide Neuromarketing study about fairs to reach a deeper comprehension of the elements at the basis of the visitors’ customer experience.

Exhibitions and fairs are articulate experiential contexts so your first step is analyzing what the visitor observes to understand the best way to get his attention: remember the first impression is the one that counts!

If you want to catch the eye the booth’s design is essential.

It’s important the visitor can immediately identify the company through a recognizable logo and a memorable phrase which express the core values and mission.

The visual impact should be the most engaging as possible through colours and lighting effects that create a pleasant image in the mind of the visitors.

Your booth should be a comfort area where people are free to learn more about the products and the company philosophy.

Neuromarketing can rely on the latest technologies to allow companies building the most effective booths.

Eye-trackers are infrared tools that track the gaze direction to show the most attractive areas of a text or image. Moreover, electroencephalogram measures the activation of a specific region of the brain associated, for example, with the sight of a specific stand.

Analyzing the results of these tests you can project a booth that aim for an intense emotional involvement. If the communicative effectiveness reaches a high level your company will receive positive reactions from the visitors.

If you keep in mind these tips you will improve visitors’ satisfaction and retention: this is essential to develop new partnerships for the future and increase the number of your clients.


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