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Exhibitors and Technology

Nowadays, when designing a new exhibition stand for your trade event, you should take into consideration the idea of implementing technologies that help you engaging visitors and potential customers and better display your products.

In an industry that always looks for new ways to improve the visitor and exhibitor experience, it is useful to have a look at some data gathered by ITR Events that gives us an insight into how exhibitor operate on the show floor.

The data collected resumes 2 years of research in venues like Olympia London, ExCel London, Ricoh Arena, Manchester Central and NEC, visiting 136 exhibitions and analysing 12.376 exhibition stands.

Focusing only on the tech utilization by exhibitors, we can show you an infographic that explains in few words and numbers how the market is adapting and which are the modern trends about tech implementation.

© Antonio M. / Studiostand 2017

Source: EN magazine

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