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"Exhibitors don't follow up"

62 per cent of exhibitors do not follow up on leads collected at a show, according to an independent research conducted by event tech provider RefTech.

This research, published by Exhibition News (April 2017), was conducted at a major international business tourism exhibition. RefTech created a fake event management company, then visited about one hundred stands belonging to a a range of suppliers, destinations and venues. The visitor approached the exhibiting personnel and requested more information after the exhibition. But...

  • Seven stands completely ignored the visitor

  • 62% didn't follow up on the interaction

On the other hand:

  • 38% of exhibitors who did follow up on the interaction, 19% respondend with a personalised email and 19% added the visitor's details to a mailing list

  • Of the companies that scanned the visitor's badge, 50% followed up on the interaction

"Exhibitors still aren't getting the basics right" said RefTech's Simon Clayton. "There are so many tech products being promoted to help exhibition organisers and exhibitors, but they need to concentrate on the basics. This research is not in isolation; it echoes results from past research we have conducted at events." Source: Exhibition News, April 2017 Image:

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