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Big Data, the next frontier for the Exhibition Industry

Companies in the exhibition industry are beginning to use Big Data: one of the tendencies which we talked about is already a reality. Key figures in our sector have told "Exhibition World" about that and we can find how each company has, at the moment, different approaches to manage this huge amount of information.

Big data, the next frontier of exhibition industry

For example, Glenn Hansen, BPA president and CEO, told that smart use of data is a "knowledge issue that requires a mindset change. “Currently, individual members aren’t able to reach scale on their own to interest technology vendors to set up automated online ad trading, but when they band together and overlay data on audiences reached, BPA’s B2B members can have an impact in the marketplace and attract premium pricing." But, according to Peter Hall, managing director at Informa Global Exhibitions, there is much work to be done: "There has been a tendency to reflect too much on historical performance, rather than using data to deliver a vision of the future". “This leads to a fragmented, reactive approach to planning,” argues Jonathan Dufton, managing director at SmartXpo. “It is also operationally inefficient, as key data points, from sales records to internal analysis reports, are rarely centrally located, making sourcing critical information labour intensive.”

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