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Success Story of MACH 2022 Exhibition

Image Credits by StudioStand

Let’s have a look on the success tale about Mach 2022.

Well, there is a lot to talk about the occasion, its inclusivity and its outcomes.

What to expect at MACH Exhibition

MACH exhibition is the UK’s biggest exhibition where the manufacturing sector gathers to examine new technology, discover new processes, and source innovative equipment and services, attracting over 25,000 attendees and over 600 exhibitors. The Manufacturing Technologies Association, the industry's voice, owns and organises MACH in every two years, which is dedicated to helping UK manufacturing market to flourish. It lays a platform for manufacturing companies to meet their customers old and new, showcasing their products and answering questions. It connects enterprises and UK manufacturing experts, decision-makers, buyers, and specifiers with vendors of new technology, services, equipment, and processes in a face-to-face setting. Hundreds of millions of pounds worth of business are discussed, completed, and secured at the event, which features live, digital production technologies.

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the MACH exhibition has been postponed for four years. Much has happened in that time, and this year's exhibition, which was held from April 4 to 8, at the Birmingham NEC, is shaping up to be a historic occasion. Thus, it’s an event that simply cannot be missed for industry professionals.


Mach 2022 was held at the National Exhibition Centre(NEC), Birmingham from April 4th to April 8th and became a grant success as its UK's premier event to showcase engineering based manufacturing technologies. It was an event dedicated to inspiring, innovating, and connecting the manufacturing industry all around UK. The theme of MACH 2022 was Additive Manufacturing's ability to 'rocket boost' productivity. It showcased a wide range of new technologies,

engineering services, and machines in various halls of NEC.

Image Credits by StudioStand

The key objective of this event was to bring the world of manufacturing technologies together and to become the destination of choice for businesses looking to adopt and participate in the digital revolution. There is no other event that brings together so many key decision makers in such a short amount of time. MACH is more than just a four-day trade show; it generates a significant pipeline of high-quality leads and possibilities that will keep your sales staff busy for months following the event. No other event brings together over 19,000 trade visitors with real purchasing power, all looking to meet new suppliers, discover new goods, network, and build new business partnerships.

Every year it gets more interesting, and more participants become networked. It's an excellent environment to work, trade, and socialise.

Our Experience at MACH 2022

StudioStand MACH 2022 experience focused on electrification, digitisation and light weighting in Mikron Tool Stand, which is centred around a combined machining and turning components that aids in various manufacturing sectors.

Image Credits by MBA photography

Image Credits by MBA photography

The standardized tools of Mikron Tool come with highest performance, best quality, and precision directly from their stock. The offer comprises not only various types of drill bits, but also tools for cantering, milling and deburring in the diameter range from 0.1 to 6.35 mm (.004" to .250"). However, the flexibility and adaptation to the requirements of the client is of a major importance here. Drill bit size, best suitable geometries, the right coatings - the possible variants are practically endless.

Image credits by

"Mikron Tool shows healthy growth due to its innovative products"

A product is considered NEW at Mikron Tool only when it is unique and with high added value for the user. Without doubt, this is true for every single CrazyLine product. The proof: Twice already new developments of Mikron Tool were distinguished with the Prodex Award, a Swiss innovation prize for the best new developments in the field of manufacturing and production.

Our Exhibition Stand helped the company to socialise and achieve great networking with the UK market which will indeed help them cultivating their products for a long run. It was a huge success and appreciation for StudioStand to collaborate and achieve the client company’s outreach also expressed in this promotional video that we could make on site with the direct intervention of the customer recommending ourselves as a supplier to other companies

MACH 2022 was indeed a great show, we hope to see you all at the next edition of MACH 2024!

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Image Credits by StudioStand

Image credits : MACH exhibition


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