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FUTUREBUILD 2021 / Online event schedule

Futurebuild is the leading built environment event that aims to meet and learn, inspire and conduct business. The event focuses on exploring and responding to the biggest challenges impacting the industry, gaining unparalleled insights and hands-on experience around the latest innovations, products and materials. As a catalyst for industry change, Futurebuild promotes collaboration, knowledge sharing and innovation.

Futurebuild gathers the most important people in the industry, Futurebuild 2020 has provided more than 20,500 visitors and more than 400 brands and achieved great success.

The next version of Futurebuild will take place from March 1st to 3rd, 2022. It will strengthen innovation and showcase products, solutions and ideas that will provide the transformative changes needed to address climate change. The event will focus on the most pressing issues facing the industry.

Futurebuild is launching The Lost Sessions. The series of webinars will take place from March 2 to March 4, 2021. The original planned dates for the physical Futurebuild 2021 show and will identify the actions needed to achieve net zero.

Although the next Futurebuild event won’t take place until 2022, Futurebuild and the Edge has joined forces to explore the actions that need to take to move from a condition of fragility to one that is more robust for people and the natural world.

Below is the online event schedule of Futurebuild in March 2021:

2nd March 2021 12-1.15PM (CET)

Learning for the future – biodiversity and net zero as standard

We are in climate and ecological emergency. This Edge-Futurebuild conference invited experts in their respective fields to outline their vision for built environment education in 2031 and explain how we will achieve this goal. Will explore the future of built environment education so that future students will have the knowledge and skills to adapt the built and natural environment for the future.

3rd March 2021 12-1.15 PM (GMT)

Putting nature at the heart of decision making

A related report released in January 2021 pointed out that the world’s deteriorating biodiversity crisis is related to “deep-rooted and widespread institutional failures” and the inability to recognize the value of nature”, and our demand for nature “far exceeds its value.

Obviously, the construction industry can play an important role in protecting the natural environment on which we live, from deciding where to build, placing transportation corridors, protecting resources, etc. to the actual impact of buildings on nature (such as air pollution, climate change, water pollution, garbage, landfill). Will explore the role of the construction industry in protecting the natural environment and identify actions needed for systemic change.

4th March 2021 12 -1.15PM (GMT)

Construction-led action for net zero

Our built environment fits the target, and we have set a 100% net zero target. We need abandon the problems of outdated infrastructure, low productivity, poor health and deterioration of the natural environment, in order to have a healthy natural environment that can improve life, effectively reuse and renovate buildings, and maintain a good low-carbon environment. Liveable world infrastructure. This conference will explore how the industry can respond to the climate challenge and put plans for net zero into action.

We hope some of our readers can participate at this really interesting and important event!

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