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B2B Marketing Expo - Webinar series

On February 11th last week, B2B Marketing Expo and The Marketing Detective Agency successfully launched a webinar on marketing. The webinar was hosted by David Juniper and the main speakers were Erica Mackay and Alex Bilney.

Erica Mackay is a Co-Founder of The Marketing Detective Agency, and she uses her experience working as a bodyguard to help businesses clearly define a marketing strategy that eliminates the guesswork. She worked across a diverse range of industries including Insurance, Cyber Security and Sustainability, she has experience with both global organisations and local small business covering B2B and B2C.

Alex Bilney is the Co-Founder of The Marketing Detective Agency. Alex is a master observer of human nature – and he uses much of that material in his creative work. He combination of detailed observation and rebellion results in unique and surprising outputs in all aspects of design helping to realise and bring to life the marketing strategies that are developed for clients.

This market webinar focused on "purchase behaviour changes 2020" and "bullet-proofing for 2021".

So, what are the changes in buying behaviour in 2020?

Erica and Alex put forward five points, namely "shift to essential purchases", "Brand loyalty criteria shift", "Fast-tracked digital adoptions", "Change in mobility patterns" and "Increased awareness of health & sustainability".

Regarding proofing in 2021; Erica and Alex have made a "B-U-L-L-E-T" structure. They are "Buyer Persona", "Unique Selling Proposition", "Listen", "Learn" and "Test".

Finally, in the question session, Erica mentioned the necessity to have a marketing strategy in order to attract people and sell your products. Having a website, she says, is not enough. You need to support it with the right marketing strategy, which will help you increase your attractivity.

Erica and Alex illustrate this idea with one example: Google and Facebook, which frequently change they algorithm in order to adapt themselves to the current market and be more attractive.

Image’s sources: Webinar screenshot


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