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@ Confex 2018 ....the modular systems has made good advertising!

The Olympia venue . Photo © studiostand 2018

As we know Confex it's the one event that thousands of event buyers – professional and commercial conference and exhibition organisers, corporates, agencies and associations attend to fulfil their full event needs, covering venue, destination and supplier inspiration.

This year we noticed a large presence of companies that advertised their own modular system and as we are a company specialized in stands design & built , we are particularly interested in innovative materials, components and systems .

Two of the companies using these system above are Belgian :

1) Aluvision is the innovative manufacturer and worldwide distributor of high-end modular stand construction systems. The Aluvision frame system offers solutions for exhibition stands, LED light walls, hanging signs, displays and interiors. Durability, reusability , flexibility and modularity are the key features.

Aluvision booth . Photo © studiostand 2018

2) beMatrix is the one and only inheritor of the original frame system with big holes since 1993.

This was the start of an ongoing adventure in re!nventing stand building systems.

Since the beMatrix aluminium frames can be combined with both panels and textiles they can cope with almost every design. Furthermore beMatrix frame system is the strongest, most light-weight and only tool less system in the market. This can provide many advantages: Fast build-up and assembling, Clean design look, Long-life-cycle and endless reusability (100% recyclable)

BeMatrix booth . Photo © studiostand 2018

Interior of the Olympia venue . Photo © studiostand 2018


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