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For over 10 years, Sleep - the Hotel Design Event held at London Business Design Centre BDC, has been the stage for over 4,600 professionals from the global hotel design, development and architecture community to source products and suppliers, explore the unique installations, network with renowned industry personalities and hear from pioneers who year after year set the standards for inspiring designers.

The 2017 Sleep Conference brought top level insight together with international and local perspective from keynote speakers and panellists.

2017 Exhibitors were organised to ensure the best combination of newcomers, established names, larger manufacturers and bespoke artisans. In this occasion, we had the pleasure to design & build the Booth for DANI group, an international leather manufacturer which focuses on quality and sustainability of their products to ensure that design is not just about aesthetic, but it’s also about features and attention to the impact in the ecosystem.

The company produces genuine leather for various sectors: automotive, furniture, information technology, footwear, leather goods and clothing.

To obtain the best leather for your products, here are the main operations DANI shares with us to obtain the best results with a minimum impact in the territory:

1. Preliminary operations (mechanical shaking operation to remove salt) 2. Liming chemical (soaking, un-hairing, liming) 3. Liming mechanical operations (Fleshing operation, trimming and "splitting")


4. Tanning (de-liming, maceration, pickle and tanning) 5. Mechanical operation in preparation for the re-tanning (pressing, splitting and shaving) 6. Dyeing (re-tanning, dyeing and fatliquoringoperations)


7. Drying (sammying machine, vacuum drying, air drying, toggle drying) 8. Finishing (buffing, milling, finishing, printing)

We are looking forward to the next edition of SLEEP 2018, convinced that it will be more and more successful and will attract more and more exhibitors from all over the world.


All images are to be credited to © Studiostand 2017

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