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Feminine power is changing the design world

"Game ChangHer": the name says it all about the next Frame's exhibition "Eyes on Talents" that is going to explore and celebrate women's role in the design world. From 2 May to 19, in partnership with the D'Days, "Eyes on Talents" will be presenting ten exemplary work from ten female designers across Europe. Studiostand selects the three most representative of our period (see the gallery):

For us, it is a great occasion to highlight the importance of women's work in this sector and to promote equal opportunities in the workplace. "The creative and recreational 300-sq-m playground invites visitors to explore the universality of design through a prism of feminine power with the following designers: - Aurélie Vial - Constance Guisset - Camille Flammarion - Ionna Vautrin - Victoria Gravelier - Katrin Greiling - Julie Richoz - Ana Mir - Elodie Rampazzo - Claire Lavabre Source:

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