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How design can solve technology-related dilemmas: Milan impressed by Olivia Lee

It's surely one of the most popular collection at this year's Milan Design Week: we are talking about Athena, a collection of furniture and accessories designed by Olivia Lee that you can see in the following gallery:

Singaporean designer wanted to solve some of the problems created by the presence of new technologies in our homes, so she created products that would be "future-proof" by virtue of being analogue. They, consequently, wouldn't require software updates and could adapt to the variously sized future generations of device. "What I wanted to do was approach the idea of a smart home differently and to try to address the new rituals and the new normals of the digital lifestyle, but through a very analogue way," Lee told "Dezeen". "So all the furniture doesn't require any electronics."

Source: https://www.dezeen.com/2017/04/18/olivia-lee-furniture-solve-technology-related-daily-dilemmas-milan-design-week-2017/ (Images by Studio Periphery)

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