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VR, biometric monitoring and security: the future of exhibition industry

A real-time biometric monitoring of brainwaves or iris scanning and the epidermal electronics to pay through handshakes: according to new research by Qhotels, these are just two innovation that will change the exhibition industry very soon.

As reported by “Exhibition News” (March 2017), QHotels organised a workshop to find the key factors that will shape the conference and events industry in the next five years. The key trends identified by the panel are: - Security: it will become tighter and data-driven. Event attendees are likely to face biometric authentication tests to confirm their identities, like body scanners or retina and fingerprint scanning, when registering at events. - Engagement: it will be monitoring by brainwaves or iris/retina scanning. These methods will allow organisers to have instantaneous feedback and, consequently, to make live changes to content. - Travel: it’s likely to be an increase in the sharing of transport by attendees. - Payments: not just contactless, but we will be able to make purchase through gesture, thanks to wearable and implanted technology, including epidermal electronics such as skin chips. “Conferences and events have remained largely unchanged in their format for many years, says QHotels’ director of marketing, Claire Rowland. While a number of the trends we have identified are already beginning to influence the industry, such as VR/AR and contactless payment, it’s fair to say that someone who was attending events 20 years ago would recognise the conferences of today. The changes taking place are focused on providing better and more personal event experiences, but they require attendees to allow greater access to their personal information than ever before, which might be a concern for some. It’s important - Rowland continues - that venues and organisers are aware of these potential trends and work together to make attendees aware of what they may mean.” Source: "Exhibition News", March 2017 Image: trustedreviews.com

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